Being a sculptor was not enough for Aviva. She needed to direct her works to a more unique standard of work, bringing her back to her young days when she loved to collect antique Judaica art.

This was a great pleasure, Chanukiot and Candle sticks, in particular.

Being a BAAL SHEM TOV ancestor, probably played a roll in her attraction to this kind of art.

Searching for a line of her own of Judaica products, she started producing beautiful and original Judaica products, such as: Chanukiot, Draidles, Candle sticks, Mezuzot. Passover plates and others. The more she produces – the more she enjoys it.

Aviva is now over 91 years of age but her innovative energy and art does not show her age. Her passion is to create, innovate and produce new ideas in the field of Judaica creative art.

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