Aviva Naaman - A Respected Sketch Artist with a Personal Angle

Aviva’s drawings (sketches) give one the sensation that beyond the lines there is a body. The viewer’s eye travels the picture through the emphasis of lines and colors, at times revealing and at times hidden. Despite her insatiable curiosity and the need to innovate and experiment with new techniques, sketching takes a prominent place in Aviva’s body of work. Sketching allows her to touch on different subjects: figures, women, nudes and landscapes of Israel, primarily around Jerusalem. Many of the drawings are reminiscent of the painter Anna Ticho, whom Aviva admires.

“I fell in love with Jerusalem when I studied in Hebrew University. When I draw Jerusalem, I actually draw ‘my Jerusalem’, the Jerusalem in my heart. Often I close my eyes and draw what I feel, more so than what I see.”

Many years of working in various media, coupled with curiosity and a drive to improve, pushed Aviva to experiment with different techniques; pen, pencil, charcoal, chalk, pastel and more, yielding an impressive body of work.